What low end graphics card can you recommend for Ryzom?

At 1080p, max settings with 8x nvida aa, high quality in the control panel, and max ryzom settings i only get 100, and that is using 100 percent of my gpu, and around 15 percent of my 4.5 ghz 6700k.... if I am not using my shadow, and use the laptop I get around 20-25 fps at 1080 max settings 8x aa, high quality radeon settings.

Personally, I get the sort of framerates you get using a far lower percentage of my 1050Ti. But most of us either have 60hz monitors that make such high framerates irrelevant or are picky enough about gaming to already have nothing less than a GTX1070 in the first place and probably just traded twin-1080Tis-in-SLI for 2080Ti.
So In conclusion, I don't recommend buying any graphics card any more, if you have fast internet, because you can get a high end gaming computer for a low monthly fee, and they upgrade their systems.

The shadow cloud computer I use gets around 60-70 fps at max settings 8x aa, high quality at 4k resolution. Which in turn means I can get that on my laptop, making gaming computers useless.

Some of us have issues with cloud computing. Exactly what those issues are varies from person to person, but many of those issues revolve around a not-always-top-notch connection to a remote system that is not under your control. At best, it adds latency; not so much an issue for Ryzom as for other games, but I would rather not add 50-500ms latency to my single-player games. We won't even get into the privacy issues except to say that, justifiably or not, they are a concern for many.

Then there is the monthly fee aspect; Shadow is not a charity. At $35/month, it would take less than a year for a modest gaming PC to pay for itself with the savings. A mere 5 months would cost more than a 1050Ti.

Also, it's only available in certain areas. VERY few, in fact. Ironically, you'd think that Microsoft's hometown (Redmond, WA) would be one of the areas with access to that technology, but it's not available in the state.

In short, Shadow may be worthwhile to those in a limited geographical area who insist on paying a premium to play on laptops or Macs that are inherently weak for gaming due to their lack of GPUs and who lose more than $35 in their sofa every month, but not for those that have a desktop PC built within the last 5 years or who even notice household expenses in their personal finances.


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