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Marauders attacking diggers returning from PR in cities

Still, I do think that a tryker citizen should be able to rally the guards to attack if a bandit is sitting outside the city gates. That was my suggestion for the game. It is unrealistic in terms of rp that city guards would just go about their daily business when one of their citizens is murdered in front of them.

Okay so lets put down the Meta Roleplay here...
( widely explained there: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/28385/ by @Wirroy )

An homin with an helmet cannot be recognized, for example when his face is draw on the "wanted dead or alive" stable wall.
Unless his armor or behavior show any sign of someone not from the city.
All that in RP ofc, since GP guards still recognize us; and kill on sight.

What do this mean? Simply it mean that RP wise it isn't unlegit or unlogic from this point of view,
and that the only limit of the RP is your own imagination.
So do not throw the "RP" word too much in all situations.

That been said now; A Marauder could desguise himself or been in a under cover mission in cities, to grab informations;
Or even for a "cleaning" job (aka a murder, prime hunt.. etc)

We can also say that, guards; like any Homins in a dangerous and misery world could get easily corrupted,
and put aside their prior for dappers, or ressource;
Maybe to feed their own family.
And in that case, ignored the murder (do it happened at night? Cities aren't sure and safe when the darkness come, this is just an example ofc.)

Mean, lets stop act like everything is rainbows and cotton candy, Atys is a dangerous place, everywhere; We did not invent it, its in the Lore.



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