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Marauders attacking diggers returning from PR in cities

Rowdyclaws --

Since you were in a non PvP area, whoever attacked you (by inference it was Mithian) had to have been tagged because even if you are tagged he has to be tagged in order to attack you. If that was not the case, then it is a bug, but I have my doubts. (Not to mention that he said he was tagged.)

If you are using the teleport (either Kami or Kara) you can wait in the protected area until your PvP timer runs out and be perfectly safe. If you are using the Kami tp and don't bother, your attacker does not even have to be within the boundaries to attack you. (And he/she could be well out of line-of-sight of the guards as well.)

I happen to agree with you that it's a cheap shot. Any attack on a digger is a cheap shot. However, it's within the rules.


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