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Marauders attacking diggers returning from PR in cities

Poor and weak Homin....

For your personnal knowledge, i'm always PvP tagged. Was not tagged PR, ofc, but still, you can change your gear, put your PvP flag on ( in case you dunno how to do, clic on the green sword next to your name info )

Also, i did kill guards who where doing patrol around the stable, i guess that's probably why i do stand here... But... Well... I can't blame you for talking about things you don't know... It's a thing that happen way so much over here.

About the RP... Tell me more about it... I'm wondering about your knowledge of RP ?

And, btw, i did used an emote to inform you you're gonna die, but.. i guess, once again, you were too busy running with your alt to save his poor life to pay attention about it.

Anyway, you better improve your personal knowledge before crying like a child on Forum because you get killed.

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