What low end graphics card can you recommend for Ryzom?

I have to say that I get a lot better than 15-20 and I use pretty much max settings at 1920x1080. Usuall (when I bother to look) it's in the 40-55 range. That's on the Nvidia 730

Guess a 730 is half a 1070 gtx 8gb than. At 1080p, max settings with 8x nvida aa, high quality in the control panel, and max ryzom settings i only get 100, and that is using 100 percent of my gpu, and around 15 percent of my 4.5 ghz 6700k.

Its hard to believe you get that at max settings. I just bought a laptop 2500u ryzen with a vega 8, since shadow tech makes owning a high end gaming computer useless. Which is better than a 730 from what I see here, in 3d marks 11 it gets a score of 2375


a ryzen 2500u vega 8 gets 3602,

https://www.notebookcheck.net/Our-first-Ryzen-5-2500U-benchmarks- are-in-and-Intel-has-every-reason-to-worry.266618.0. .

Which is just a rough comparison, but if I am not using my shadow, and use the laptop I get around 20-25 fps at 1080 max settings 8x aa, high quality radeon settings.

So In conclusion, I don't recommend buying any graphics card any more, if you have fast internet, because you can get a high end gaming computer for a low monthly fee, and they upgrade their systems.

The shadow cloud computer I use gets around 60-70 fps at max settings 8x aa, high quality at 4k resolution. Which in turn means I can get that on my laptop, making gaming computers useless.
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