Public Shaming

As far as i know, CSR are not supposed to take tickets that come from THEIR player toon guild, but.. Of course, there is some affinities with others players than your guildies, that's normal.

The point is: Even if you try to be impartial, you ain't gonna be if it involve player you like vs player you don't like, that's human and can't be done by everyone, that's a fact.

Also, we can't get as much CSR as we want to try to solve this problem by takin a ticket only from players you don't know or won't gonna judge by how it act with your player toon. And even if it was possible, no one can't know if you play the game or not.

And, the conclusion is: Marauders players have for 90% of the communauty a bad reputation. Why ? Because they are Marau, they are bad peoples or will obviously act in a bad way. And, to this, i would say: N.O

A faction don't say who you are, just the way you did choose to play your game.

And, another important thing to remind to people is: No, if people choosed to play bad guy by RP, they are not just asses. They just decided to play the game a different way you did want to.

The Ryzom communauty was used to be friendly, RP wise, but, for an obvious reason ( Hey, merge ) it did changed. Because different way to play, different way to see things ( by IRL culture, i suppose ) and, that's a bit sad.

We all play Ryzom because we like the World, the style of the game, peoples who play it and who you did become IRL friends with, so, we need to respect each others instead of fight each other.


What means: I can be salty or harsh with you, it don't mean i hate the PERSON you are, it means MITHIAN don't like your TOON.
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