Public Shaming


Many examples of Real life situation when the policy-maker wasn't transparent and got the boot; and many many MANY examples of when the CoC was enforced based on favoritism; actually making it moot.

*Comment: Please send your examples to Support via support@ryzom.com, we have rules to ensure that favouritism is not happening. As you will see in my post #22 *

Also in many cases where the CoC is contradicted by GP mechanics; GP comes first always (look at WoW; GP speaks for itself), unless GP mechanics are bugged; (as in the case with bosses here hence why all the drama or again in WoW cases where GP was exploited as a result of a bug).

What we have here is the following: The actual Game Play: YES the game-itself: promotes and allows all this behavior. Killing of Camp-Fires; killing of players; aggro-dragging. This is not a bug; it's how the game functions.

The CoC states; aggro-dragging not allowed. Sure. BUT; the CoC has failed time and time and time and time again; to be enforced; the screenshots are open to interpretation; the ways the GMs reach decisions on bans or warnings pertaining to this are not transparent; and fundamentally we have many cases of certain people that spam Screenshots and complaints for their own benefit against players; and get people banned; while at the same time when other people post screenshots on said people and behaviors the involved parties "are warned".

*Comment: see my reply in post #22 *

Therefore there is an imbalance here.

In addition; posting tickets again and again on same situations is a bona fide example of harrasment; which again according to the CoC is an offense. Where's the punishment in that?

*Comment: sending tickets over and over again without any cause for complaint is regarded as harassment by Support and is sanctioned as such*

CoC applies to all or to no-one; and that's what it is. If you want the game to be fair; have transparency; other-wise these things will always re-occur.

*Edited - Please contact support on support@ryzom.com if you have any complaints about abuse of powers by a member of Support. Any complaints will be thoroughly scrutinized by the Head of Support and abuse is NOT tolerated.*


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