Public Shaming

an Impartial jury which actually does nothing to complaints filled against "Ranger" guilds; or ranger oriented people (any ideas why that is? it's no secret why).

I remember, in earlier times we all were as polite to fall into a coma by dragged aggro, before those aggro was pulled into a Boss-Fight (or a group of Homin). And those that hunted the boss, were as polite to resurrect people.

Today this minimum of politeness isn't given always. "Dragger" will not resurrect, they stand in front of you, laughing. Or they said in the past "Sorry. I don't have a heal skill", running away.

So my special gameplay as ranger is, to interact with people in another way: I'll never distract others from their tasks.

Why especially Ranger orientated players now are not helpfull i a way, they will distract others from their tasks - i can't understand this. Or it's their pure Intention, to give an example of massive misbehaviour.

It's not my personal "weakness", that i dont want to make PvP - but changing the CoC into a way, that everyone could use all game mechanics to "hurt" other ones, would be the end for Ryzom. Because than it's the end of everyones personal decision, how he'd like to leave his footprints in this game.
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