Public Shaming

Good day Atys, over the past 3 weeks, I have encountered behavior towards me that does not fall within the C.o.C of the Atys community. Now, I normally would not care (whining does no good in life) and my screenshot taking abilities need to be greatly improved because the following statements carry no physical proof, and no one has any reason to believe me other than I would not be so angry if it did not happen. I have no time, energy, nor any reason to make up an issue, just for issue sake. Attention is not needed unless deserved.

I publicly called out a toon and a guild in uni-chat over the past few days, where I chose less-than-ideal language and I do not have any regrets (I would do it again if needed) doing so because I see that we should call-out toons for egregious action that already has rules applied within the C.o.C guidelines. When toons delicately argo drag 3 times, it is no accident and when they gank bosses from you with argo drags or interfere when using the tribes, I feel that we should publicly shame them and their guild irregardless (yes I know the words is a double negative) if their other members are innocent because if you have bad behavior within your guild, you should know about it and the rest of Atys has the right to learn about it.

Now, I am no angel and yes shortly after the server merger, I pushed the boundary of the C.o.C to the point of walking away for a couple of years because I did not like where the game was going and now it is close to that point again. If you want to take Role Play to the extreme, then do so with toons who are in PvP zones and follow the rule and game mechanics. If you want to try and be tough, then at the very least, tag yourself so that when you do act like a simpleton (there is another word that I would like to use but that would violate the C.o.C) at the very least, a toon can then kill you for being stupid.

For my parting shot; I already know and understand that people will not be happy with this and that there will most likely be push-back, blacklisting and lose of friends but I have said my peace and I am dropping this issue. Say what you like, say nothing at all but I felt that it had to be noted. I will not waste any more energy nor will I follow this post because everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it.

Godspeed, Zatarga

P.S., for the toon or toons who decided that it was a good idea to tell Atys that I am a Marauder, not sure where your brains are located but even if I was one, the acts and actions above do not justify the Role-play conduct of Atys.
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