Help a returning player with foraging

Quality of material you are able to dig is based on three things:
- Your skill (you are unable to dig higher quality than possible with the skill you are using)
- Quality of your pick (q1 allows you to forage up to q50, all other picks up to its quality, careplanner's pick do not affect the quality)
- Level of the area (50/100/150/200/250 limits maximal quality, cities are in safest zones, usually)

Dappers are cheap, because materials are cheap.

As Revvy says, you can do occupations for money. However it is boring. It is based on your local fame, so higher grades will not bring you more dappers. Good to get faction points.

As a crafter, you can try crafting missions, there are some with good dappers. Best are available for high level ofc, but I know some good ones that require q100 or q110 items. And mission cooldown is not 20 hours... Remember, that all missions affect your fames. Tribe missions usually affect tribe and kami/kara only, so better do those. In case you care about tribe fame.

You can also craft some nice stuff and offer that on resale or directly on forum to other players. However try to avoid flooding shelves with poor stats crap, it is probably full already :) Selling to the merchant only can also bring some dappers. Better quality you sell to the merchant, better price you get. Selling training materials for good price is common as well.

I like to do hunter missions, especially tribe ones. If you know the area and you travel a lot, you can make some dappers along.
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