Help a returning player with foraging

Hi, its been a loooong time since I last played Ryzom, but something gotten into me lately and I got attracted to the game again. I have restored my old character and I want to continue working on my crafting/foraging. I am currently up to q100, and was sent to the noob land without any items or money. I did some quests there quick to get out, now I am in Pyros Burning Desert areas.

Looks like all the mats here are q50. My big question is, is there any guide to get mats listed based on q, or is it all based on the mob levels, like Burning Desert area around town is q50 only it seems. If I go further out into the other sections of the desert where mobs are 100+ level, does it mean that I'll be able to forage q100 mats there? In other words, since game was out for so very long, is there a database or some maps where Q of the mats is shows, so I know where to go to grind my harvesting levels up.

Also, is market still active? I used to have packer and everything, now they stripped everything off of me and only restored my skills and points, no property or items, so I have to make money again and crafting was my main income source before. Will I be able to raise money by selling anything other than supreme based crafted equipment? Selling my crafts to the NPC for 120 coins, when packer costs half a million is beyond stupid. In other words, how do I make money when the game has such a small community now, other than a very long and tedious way of selling everything to the NPC for pennies.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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