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Inevitable/Constant Crashes on GNU/Linux T400 Laptop

Hey :)
1. When have you downloaded the installer from We update the Installer for some days to fix this error while downloading files.

2. When you crash?
It's happend while you run arround,fight play?
It's happend by teleport or entry your GH Room?
Or its crash randomly without do anything?

3. What we know is that if you have the Sounds enabled a lot of ppl have problems...
Pleas try open the config tool (befor you start the client) and disable the sounds from ryzom client and try again.

4. About Grafiks have you try to used a other Grafik Driver? (also used the config tool), there is a setting for the textures maybe you can try disable this too

Let me know if something help or you still have crashes!
Best regards Riasan
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