The new Gubani Fortune Wheel

As part of the patch on 2018-08-17 homins can use bright new Gubani Fortune Wheel. The goal of the change was to make usage more comfortable, spending tokens less painful and bring more fun for all gamblers. Also, the variety of rewards was extended. And even when you loose, you might be suprised!

The wheel is located in each capital as well as in Marauder camp. You are now able to use new types of tokens, increase your chances by using more tokens at same time and also choose how many times you wish to spin the wheel. However, when you try the new wheel for the very first time, you might be confused.

How to play
If you wish to try some gambling, first thing you have to do is to choose the type of tokens you will use (0) by clicking on the token icon. You can also see how many tokens of the selected type are left in your pocket (1).

Next you can choose how many tokens you wish to play at once. You can set from one (as original wheel did) up to five tokens, choosing from a drop-down selection next to the chosen token icon (2). The more tokens you use, better chance of winning you have.

Additionally, you can set number of spins of the wheel by clicking on the numbers around the wheel. From one spin up to ten (3). It works as multiplicator of tokens. For example, when you play 3 tokens with 5 spins, it will actually use 15 tokens in 5 attempts by 3 pieces.

When your preferred options are set, you can try your luck and click the button in the center of the wheel (4). By clicking the button, it will insert the selected tokens and the game will start. The chance of winning depends on how many tokens you use at the same time (2) and you can see the percent chances above the button (5).

In case you win, your reward will appear in a loot window just as it was with the old version. In case you are really lucky, you are offered to choose your reward. You may take the items you won or some better quality tokens and try to win even more and better rewards using them later.

When you think it was enough of risk for now, you can close the wheel clicking the closing button (6) and come back later to try your luck again.

Along with the new wheel, homins are now able to get new types of tokens of five classes: basic, fine, choice, excellent and supreme. Better tokens give you chances to win better rewards, but are also harder to get. All new tokens are stored in your SPECIAL bag so they now take no space in your inventories.

Your old tokens will not work with the new wheel, but you can ask Fortunate Gubani attendant to change your old ones for new basic tokens, one for one or buy new. It is possible to buy basic and fine tokens only. The only other way to get new tokens is, participating in various events or win some by gambling with the wheel.
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