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Give Rewards for Multi-Masters Part 1: Fight Skills

Hey again;

no need to apologize about anything:)

Okie so:

What I tried to explain in my reply to you earlier; with the concept of the core; and the concept of the set-ups; and how protections work; is that

the supposed advantages/disadvantages of weapons; in all their glorious diversity; do not actually exist. As I tried to show-case; of all the melee skills with the core 5; you actually can do most things and be succesful in the context of pvp play. The rest; do not give an actual benefit or advantage. And even in the context of niche situations; counter-arguments can exist for why it would still be preferable to stick to something else.

The questions that are implicit but will make them more explicit are the following:

a) Why bother with the rest? (Personally I bother because I love digging and crafting a lot and love having all my gear boosted; so the incentive comes from another desire of mine).

b) What happens in the context of time-invested/rewards here and also in the context of other games. (I will suggest Revvy's take on the issue which is very well stated and more into detail than i am willing to go into here; feeling a bit sick) (can be found on the other thread). Because at the end of the day; this is a precious question that needs to be adressed: Why invest full time here; and reap x benefits that better my character; translated into game-play benefits; and not spend my time there and reap y benefits that better my character in said ways.

c) This point is related to b). The answer that most people give is that because this is Atys; and we love Atys; or that Atys is about the journey and not the destination etc. Well yes; but that's not really an answer for competitive gamers.

d) The situation you describe; doesn't exist right now on Atys:) I wish it will at some point; I wish that problem is a problem that we would need to adress. But well; the PvP population of Atys is so minute that this discussion is better reserved for another day. And no; I don't believe; or at least no-one has argued for it; that this is the case because the entry to pvp is x or y; just people dont PvP.

e) The proposed changes have a much bigger picture in mind one which people fail to grasp. The current situation; that Ryzom PvP combat is based on numbers and not on individual skill; because as was stated skill doesn't exist in terms of something that can be cultivated after a point; is what actually makes OP and mass PvP pointless.

I belong to the "numbers" faction. The way the system works rn is that 35 people; including people with one master; no masters; just people in numbers; capable of pressing buttons; people who spend the entirety of their time on ryzom digging (which there is nothing wrong with that) (and if you add up alts that goes to the 50s in terms of numbers); are capable of decimating 25 people with at least half of them being spirits of war.

Not because they are better; but because they are more. It's a running joke directed vs my faction that Kamis only show up for OP fights; and take a look at the Outposts; almost all of them aside from one are kami owned or kami blessed.

So the problem with how the system works right now; is exemplified in the above simple but true paragraphs.

And also for some most unfortunate RL comparisons that some people made in this thread: I didn't see an army filled with peasants and farmers being able to emerge victorious and win a war vs an actual army in the history of the world..

Ryzom history has shown that this is the main reason OP fights have stopped being interesting; that people leave the game; that guilds in factions cease to exist; and at the very end that even RP dies; because Maros/Rangers/Karas are "forced" to work together to numerically overcome the odds.

The proposed changes also have this in mind. (and one could even go further to argue that this would actually reduce the employment of alts; make people grind their main more; or make them grind their alts; in all circumstances make people spend more time for something which is what anyone who promotes a subscription based game wants)

Finally to your new-comers idea and the rewards for skill-full play:

The implicit issue we are trying to adress: In Ryzom; the game which has the mechanics and potential to highlight player decision making and skill development; those two concepts actually do no exist in practice

Because there is no skill growth; everything is done in a specific way; and all that's left at the end of the day is: numbers will win; who gets the madness in will win. Very rarely individual skill will account for anything; because well: there is no room for its cultivation:)

So; in the absence of this; I proposed the changes in mind; as a way to balance the fundamentally imbalanced facticity of Atys. Since skill cannot be rewarded; because it cannot be cultivated; exemplified; or promoted; then accumulation of grinding-accomplishments is the next sensical thing to do; invested time. With this in mind; all the suggestions have been made.



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