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Ryzom Forge Public Meetings agendas & reports

Ryzom Forge meeting report - August 20th, 2018

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh (RF) - 19:37 UTC
First of all, I would like to say that Kervala found an email bug that prevented me from communicating with others and giving me the ability to create accounts. He fixed it in spite of the fact that he was busy full time with the Ryzom client. So the Encyclopatistes owe him a big thanks!
Now, as far as the Wiki is concerned, I continue to standardize structures while patrolling ("patrolling" is the term used in the wiki world to indicate that the content of articles is being examined).
And I am very happy to see that I am no longer alone: there are many Encyclopatysts (newcomers or old ones back) that are now helping to improve its content.
Q: Will obsolete information be archived?
Always! When the informations are still usable, I make merges, for example, or I tag the article by a "Old Lore" banner, etc. There are several ways to archive.

OOC Events

Tamarea (RT) - 19:53 UTC
What are your feedbacks and questions about the OOC events proposed this August?
Do you enjoy all four of them (mini Boss, race, dice and hide-&seek) alike?
Mostly positive feedback from those present and :
  • some worrying about the day of their end, Teanwen confirms that they will finish only with the month of August;
  • Tamarea specifies that these games are also offered during American Atysians' playing hours;
  • many are eager to risk the tokens earned at the new Wheel;
  • the exchange rate of former tokens is confirmed (1 for 1);
  • the idea of exchangeable tokens between players will be transmitted by Tamarea to the Team;
  • Teanwen will now try not to blow up the mines so close to the packers.

August 17 patch

Tamarea (RT) - 20:19 UTC
What are your feedback and questions about the latest patch applied?
Q: Where is the Wheel? Where are the prizes?
The wheel should be activated in a few days. We could activate it now, but I think you'll prefer it when she can give prizes!

Q: Can you explain how the Marauder fame brought by the patch works?
Marauder fame is special: if your fame with each of the other factions/nations is -50, your Marauder fame will be 50 and vice versa. But by completing Marauder missions you can push it, like the others, up to a maximum of 100 (in principle: a bug is still to be fixed).

Q: The frequency of "Please wait" has increased. Is an improvement in sight?
Developers are looking for the cause of the problem, but can't give any prognosis yet.

Post patch bugs

Tamarea (RT) - 20:45 UTC
Fixed bugs
  • Steam clients should be fixed since yesterday.
  • The too large size of an icon displayed in the Special bag has been fixed.
  • Objects are back in the apartments! (RyzHome)
  • Resale now works, except this: the code still needs to be updated so that players can also resell damaged PvP items, and that their new price reflects the degradation they have undergone.
Bugs to fix
  • Mac client on Apple Store We are waiting for Apple Store validation, and we hope for it to be available in 2 to 5 days.
  • Bugs in PvP shops Work is in progress.
  • Marauder TP Bugs It is impossible for Marauders to use a TP when they are dead, so no TP at the last crystal recharge needs to walk to Camp. No error message during a TP attempt under invulnerability.
  • Strange effect when changing jewelry or armor When equipping, for example a life boosted jewel instead of a concentration boosted jewel, all other jewelry equipped change boost but not quality. There is a similar effect with the armor. This will be fixed with the next client patch.
    The IG browser ignores style="text-decoration : none ;" for tags <a> (links). This problem will be fixed with the next client patch.

Ranger gameplay

Tamarea (RT) - 20:54 UTC
We are currently working on further improvements for the next patch:
  • Adding of Respawn Points for Rangers on all Pathways (including those in Prime Roots).
  • Adding of a Pathway to Midway Point.
  • Moving of capitals' Pathways closer to the TP of a Power.
Questions or feedbacks?
Q: Coming after the installation of the Safety Zones and the reduction of the damages undergone during the course of the Roads, don't you think that's too much? That it'll make the Ranger gameplay too easy?
No. It is still slower than using a Power's TP, but with these changes, the Ranger game will be more balanced and playable. At least that's the purpose of these two successive patches.

Closing (started projects)

Tamarea (RT) - 21:05 UTC
We are currently working on a new map for Marauders. This map will constitute a PvP area and a large Marauder camp (or city, or citadel - details unknown at the time, but you have the idea) will be set up there.
Thus the map of Atys will be completed with a new region, clearly designated as Marauder territory, visible by all.
This new region will be located near Nexus, for which we have a new project: Nexus reloaded (see https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/28116/2 6#26 for more information).


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