Ballance of Ranger gameplay

We cannot TP from anywhere directly in Primes, and this is a BIG difference.. an ENORMOUS Disadvantage...
This is where we see that shooki liquor abuse is dangerous for your health...

But Moniq is finally right, it's too simple now so you'd have to:
- lose stamina when walking in Zorai country
- lose life when walking in the desert
- lose sap when walking in matis country
- lose dappers when swimming in lake (Ikr, these trykers are sneaky!)

Also it would be good that for each of these countries, we do lose life points on shoes, its legit no? ( 100km on foot wears the shoes )
And why not dirtying clothes ? degrading it; since the pathways is dirty.

Anyways, i didnt find more absurd answer to this, but I do not doubt one second that you will have other ideas.. more eccentric than me...

These Rangers are way too complicated. Again a good reason to be a Marauders!

That for the translation..

Sorry for you @Moniq, but it seem that your community as a strong reaction to your post, most answers aren't smart and not constructive,
dusted with some free teasing that came from nowhere.
Désolé de te dire ça @Moniq, mais ta communauté à une réaction assez forte à ton poste, la plus part des réponses ne sont pas réflechis, de l'ironie gratuite venu de nul part, et c'est en aucun cas constructif.

Now it could be good to see someone qualified to answer to your question.


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