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Un été chaud et ensoleillé / A warm and sunny summer

A warm and sunny summer

In this quiet period of summer when the weather seems to stop, when homines think about sunbathing on the beaches of lochi and homins to go fishing crustaceans, Eolinius had stayed cool in the library of Fairhaven. Looking distracted at the fish passing behind the large porthole, his toes fanned, he quietly leafed through the archives and the old newspapers. Sipping his vial full of sparan juice (with a few drops of shooki), he suddenly raised his head.

-Here's a name I've heard before. A certain Ki'gan, associated with the name of a certain Vao, an emissary wanted by theocracy, there are many cycles. It doesn't say why he was wanted, but he was jailed. Could it be the same Vao? It's a strange coincidence.

Eolinius smiles

-Hey, Lor, every Zorai in his family has someone named Vao.
He frowned and read down the sheet - Jen-Lai Archives -
-Y asks me how it got here in Fairhaven

Eolinius remembered that Ambassador Zhan had often told him about Jen-Lai's library. It was certainly smaller than the great library of Zora, but it contained treasures of archives on the Zorai religion, so dear to Zhan-miko.
Eolinius smiles again having an emotional thought for Zhan-miko. We miss her with her kindness, especially when she wanted to lecture us... hihi...

-hmm, since her disappearance, there asks me who replaces her among the zorai.
-Maybe we should go down there to Jen-Lai. Is there anyone left to remember those old stories?
-Eny not right away... y did not finish my sparan juice....

Eolinius plunged back into his reading

(Translated with www.DeepL.com)
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