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I will answer this post, since I know the Rangers' pathways well, and use them all day long.

As for the payment of TPs :

1) I would remind here that the Rangers, given their fames, get only half of the dappers and faction points through their occupations (for the same number of products).

2) The resale of objects to merchants, also according to fames, is subject to the same punishment. Which means that for a very long time Rangers have paid twice as much for their TPs as Kamis and Karas...

3) Events such as the Labyrinth during Anlor Winn or eggs giving dappers are extremely profitable regarding dappers. Personally, I made a few hundred million pretty easily (didn't I Arionasis?). The dappers are used for nothing today but to pay one's TPs or OP battles... The loss of life and endurance were there to compensate for the Rangers not paying their TPs towards Prime Roots. Rangers could lose up to half their life when using a TP (from initial full life). Rangers could not TP towards Prime Roots if their life was too low (automatic DP in a vortex). So, either they used an aura, or a survival kit, or had to wait several minutes for their HP to increase in order to be able to teleport. That seems very expensive to me, compared to the cost of the dappers.

As for travel:

If you want to go to Prime Roots, you usually have to go through a capital, walk between 250 and 300 m, open the map, click, wait, click again... Phew, arrive on a transit point, reopen the map, click, wait, click again.... To maybe arrive (with loss of HP of course) on what can be an aggroing spot. So, other loss of HP, I spend an invulnerability, I evade aggro, I return to my vibration point because my journey is not over.... You follow me???? Because at that point, I already have fingers cramps and eyes that cross from constantly clicking on the right points.... I reopen the map, I reclick, I click again, and phew, I arrive .... And a pat crunches me....

Even if this example is a bit extravagant, it' s not an exaggeration, it's lived experience... In short, I spent several minutes to find myself either at a vortex in Prime Roots or near a capital having to start my journey again....

Of two things one:

- I say to myself that if I were to arrive at a vortex, I might as well take a TP DP, I would have saved time.
- I decide to go angling, because repeating the journey I just made, I make nightmares of it...

In addition, I remind you that we cannot TP from anywhere, we are compelled to use relay points. This undeniably remains a huge disadvantage compared to other factions.

As for getting these Ranger's pathways and the prerequisites :

1) Have all fames at least 45 ;
2) Fullfill the Pathways' mission in the 250 areas ;
3) Pass the rite ;
4) Look the pathways over with major loss of HP in each tunnel.

These prerequisites take several weeks for the players to get, and compel their guild elders to help them (the rite can only be done as a team, with a 150 jungle digger).

As a reminder, the other rites are passed in... 1/2 h ?

As for integration of multi-masters in guild :

It is very difficult for us to guild multi 250s from other factions, especially diggers and scouts. Why? Because our tunnels don't attract them...
Then, you will say, one should not choose a faction for its TPs, it sucks, it is not RP;... Well, well, well! That's just super realistic in fact, and those in our guilds own large stocks of their old TP pacts, which they use in dribs and drabs.

So yes, I give a HUGE THANKS to the Ryzom team, who took the time to listen, to understand, and reacted to our daily constraints, who did a huge job, who was patient, and did everything possible to try to rebalance things.

As for you, Moniq, I'd tell you, if you want it to be long, complicated, difficult, you can always walk around naked in the Primes, you'll have fun. I can even show you some particularly aggroing spots if you want. But let people live, play, because it's a game, and 99.99% of people don't want to get worked up, just to move from one point to another....

And to answer your question directly, yes, the vast majority of the faction wanted these changes, and from the reactions, yes, the faction is delighted with them....
And for kamis / karas / marauds, I would be happy to welcome them in my guild if some of them so desire...


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