Ballance of Ranger gameplay

Since the first release of Ranger Prime roots pathways (and even before) there were several changes made in Ranger gameplay (as you call it). The official reason is always the ballance. I will tell you first how I rememver its development, how I see it and what is wrong by me. Then you tell me why we need changes, why these and what ballance is in it.

At the very beginning the idea was that pathways will remain free as it was with those on surface Ranger Aspirants / Apprentice Pathfinders can have. Rangers supposed to pay with HP and Stamina for new pathways to Prime Roots along with other disadvantages. There was a big discussion about the ballance and at the end it was changed and Rangers have to update their maps every 9 RL days for 25000 dappers and traveling was made faster.

But since the official release changes keep comming. First was that the map automatically opens the entrance again when you arrive to your destination. So in fact, you do the stop just to click the map again to continue to next spot.

Since "ever" all rangers understood that using pathways is not safe and we had to be prepared. Now the Elusive forest entrance was moved to safer place and I heard the Void spot will be moved for the same reason (no idea if it is true). But it looks even funnier when you realize that also safe zones were added to each pathway entrance so you are safe from aggro at your destination spot (which was the reason to change). Not talking about that it partially spoils searching for pathways because the safe zone is active even when pathway is not opened.

Next change was to radically reduce damage when using a pathway (with updated map). It was reduced that much that from my last 15-20 usages I got 175 HP damage. Once. In fact, it is mastery now to get any damage using pathways, not talking about none risk of death. And changes continue. It was announced that rangers will get respawn points on each pathway entrance and that those near capital cities will be moved closer (if I understood correctly).

To me it looks like this: I can pay puny 25000 dappers and I can travel as many times as I want and it costs me nothing more. Time to time some HP and Stamina, but that is really rare now. I am daily traveling to Prime Roots for "free" when other factions pay for each trip. I travel almost as fast as others and will be even more comfortable because entrances by capitals will be moved closer. There is no risk of death and no risk of aggro at the destination. All diadvantages, to ballance low cost of pathways and Ranger faction specifics, were or will be removed. And we (will) have almost all advantages others have compared to Rangers. If I was Kami or Karavan...

Except the one before the release I do not remember any official discussion about Ranger gameplay ballance.

- What was the reason for those changes, where did it come from?
- Why you think this will bring more ballance and where will this end?
- Is the ballance to make all factions the same in matter? Isn't it boring?
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