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Ryzom Forge Public Meetings agendas & reports

Ryzom Forge meeting report - August 6th, 2018

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh (RF) - 19:40 UTC
Lately, I've been working hard on the wiki with several objectives and I will give you as much as possible a brief overview of these missions and their progress.
First, data migration from Ryzom Forge and Ryzom Lore to the wikis of the five languages and Ryzom Commons. The project is progressing well: I have completed the migration of major pages like the "Fyros" ones.This is a time-consuming task but not so hard because the source information is the same for each language. Thus "Forge" and "Lore" are gradually taking their place in the global wiki.
But now I have another task. For those who don't know, the three original wikis (DE, EN and FR) have each evolved on their own. So I am setting up a system standardizing the templates and categories by trying not to favour one or the other language and not to alter the data of old or current users. I can say that we have reached a status that I think is fairly operational and welcoming for everyone: contributors and readers.
I was thinking of motivating players to use it by making this wiki a RP extension. I portrayed it as a library of researchers.
Here's my summary. I give Tamarea the talking stick.

Q: Zorroargh, do you have any pages to show us?
Yes. Here are some examples.As you can see, there are a lot of translations missing, both ways.

OOC Events

Tamarea (RT) - 20:15 UTC
We will be holding on a regular basis short OOC events throughout August, starting in a few days.
Examples of OOC events: find the thimble, mini-boss.
The rewards for attending will be new tokens to use in new Wheel of Fortune (that a patch will add next week). With these tokens, maybe you'll win one of the fabulous new prizes!

Q : What will happen with current tokens? Will there be a way to transform into new kind of tokens? Can we use our current tokens on new Wheel?
A :
Yes: the NPC will propose token conversion without commission.

Q : If it's an OOC event, where will the Marauders play the Wheel?
A :
The Marauders will have their own Wheel.

Q : While you are at it : can you make the NPC to exchange our ghost points too?
A :
Most points (Atys, Ghost, etc.) can be used to buy tokens for the Wheel, but this is only one option among others. Indeed, it is planned to add NPCs dedicated to the exchange of accumulated points against prizes (that's why the Dev Team has asked to stop points delivery until the reward system works).

Rewards: new system & new prizes

Tamarea (RT) - 20:36 UTC
Will be part of the patch next week:
  • New Wheel of Fortune (for all, including Marauders, in their Camp);
  • New prizes to win with the Wheel of Fortune: new mount, new companion, new plushes, wigs.
The OOC events mentioned above will probably start before the patch, so try to get your fill of tokens before the new Wheel arrives!

Rangers gameplay balance

Tamarea (RT) - 20:42 UTC
Following your feedback on the gameplay Ranger's current playability, we are balancing it. This will most certainly be done in several steps: the main modifications will be added during next week's patch, then adjusted if necessary during a subsequent patch (which may also contain new modifications if necessary).
  • Safety Zone Addition of "Safety Zones" at the extremities of the Ranger Paths.
  • Damage Significant decrease in the % risk that Rangers will suffer damage when they travel along a known Path and their map is up to date. If there is any damage, its % is also greatly decreased, and based on the current number of hit points, not the maximum one.
  • Access to Almati Wood The Almati Wood karavan transporter now sells teleportation pacts to the Rangers.
  • Faster Path travel Rangers no longer needs, to pursue their way, to reactivate their amber if they resume the Path they have just left. In addition, their map opens automatically so that they only have to click on the next destination.
  • Death on a Path Dying on a Path becomes impossible if the Path is known and the map up to date.
Bugs fixed by next week's patch:
  • Neutral PvP equipment can be worn again by Rangers.
  • Passage on the Paths impossible if the Ranger is invulnerable, PvP tagged, seated, swimming or riding mount.
Player requests under consideration :
  • Possibility for Rangers to respawn at entrances of the Paths.
  • After the one made in the Elusive Forest, change of position of a Path because of aggros in the Void region.
  • Other requests not listed here.
(Zorroargh points https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Portal:Rangers.)

Q: While the Rangers will no longer be able to, will the Marauders still be able to be teleported while swimming?
See next topic

Marauders gameplay fixes and improvements

Tamarea (RT) - 21:05 UTC
Added by next week's patch :
[*]Marauder Fame This is the prerequisite for the other improvements planned: the Marauder's fame is now displayed in the Fame window and automatically evolves according to the fame acquired from the various Civilizations and Powers
[*]Access to Almati Wood A new Marauder teleport is implanted in Almati Wood.
Bugs fixed by next week's patch:
  • Teleportation impossible if the Marauder is invulnerable, seated or swimming.
  • Fix of Marauder Rite (if completed on time).
There's still a lot of work to do on Marauder gameplay, we're only at the beginning. We have a long list of points to validate, correct, balance, improve and I will regularly report at Ryzom Forge meetings our progress on Marauder gameplay (as well as those on the game Ranger gameplay).
(Zorrargh points https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Portal:Marauders.)

Q: Since 40 Marauders left the game this year and only 10 players remain active in this Faction, couldn't we start with something less discouraging than these TP prohibitions?
This is a big bug that gives a gameplay advantage and it has to be fixed. So he will be.

Q : Don't you think that having additional TPs in three highly contested regions (Under Spring, Wastelands and Windy Gate) gives Marauders an unfair advantage?
None, but a debate (without conclusion) between the questioner and the bearer of the preceding question.

Exploit and bug fixes

Tamarea (RT) - 21:29 UTC
Fixes (and improvement) part of next week's patch:
  • Fix of several exploits.
  • Installer under Linux (no error 0 anymore). Already existing installations will update automatically.
  • Named Kiban "Naka" spawned too close to the Ancient Dryads tribe. So its spawn location has been moved 100m away.
  • Fix of crash when opening WebIG (Shift + W).
  • Mouse wheel now scroll target object instead of scrolling bar.
  • Fix of overlapping parts in UI windows Fame / Buy / Resell.
  • Fix of bad credit for self regen 26. WARNING : self regen action 26 costs now 260 credits instead of 250. Your already existing plans that so have now more costs than time credits [/b]will be auto deleted[/b] on your first login after the patch.
  • "Leave Silan" mission does not give two free TP pacts back to Silan anymore. Only one is given when the player finishes the Welcomer mission in a capital.
  • Lots of emotes now have an animation.


Tamarea (RT)
After next week's patch, the Kamis and Karavan altars of Almati Wood will sell teleportation pacts to everyone but Marauders.
Thus, all players will have direct access to Almati: Neutral, Rangers and Karavaniers via the Karavan altar, Kamists via the Kamis altar, and Marauders via a Zinuakeen.

It's already late (21:43 UTC) so I won't go into the last topic that was supposed to deal with the various improvements made by the next patch... But you'll find them on the patchnote.


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