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Ability to self-Cancel Invulnerabilty

Okay... this has become a PvP topic.. so let's talk about this taboo on Ryzom.
I think the strategy point falls flat .. . strategy is a decision making with the information at hand, when the information changes, you are prevented from making a strategic decision.

( "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, doesn't agree with your version; but here my personal point of view ).

Tis very a little narrow-minded though, but I cannot blame you for that.
If we do expand the choice of decision (and therefore the information available) at hand,
at the same time, we are expanding tactical and strategic opportunities.
Whether by integrating new data, by analysing them; a ways out, and new choices/decision are
available to us, wich is no less called, strategic.
We are human after all, we can do this.

Of course, it adds depth to a system.. far too easy today.
So by changing this, it will certainly become more difficult, but much more interesting!
And maybe people will play to achieve (and be proud of doing it) a real goal, a real mastery of combat;
Without necessarily relying on RNG ( a roll of dice ).

Take the Quake Series, from Id Software; the gameplay is pretty basic in its core
but timing objects and items (like armor or weapons) by head, gives a whole tactical meaning and interest to the game.

Take the DarkSouls Series, fromSoftware; there is a gameplay based on muscle reflex,
parries based on knowledge of the weapon and its timing, and a prediction of movement.
This obviously requires a perfect mastery of the game, and a lot of practice
it also, allows the game to be really intense to play.

This is what we will call: " Skill " ( cf: a gameplay based on skill )
A gameplay based on skill, is a bottomless well of knowledge, you are never done learning and improving.

For me, timing an opponent's aura's; knowing how - and when to use ours,
guessing the last few seconds left on a PowerUps is a very interesting idea.
Wich would make the fightning system even more exciting, and obviously; tactical.

The Pvp on Ryzom is simply a control of resources, praying the RNG dice.
The jewels are not well exploited, and made useless because of a very low level affliction bug;
It also means, that a player with a single mastered skill can beat anyone in the game.
Where is the logic in all this?

Simply, there is no (aka 0, nada, nothing..) skill in the combat system on Ryzom actualy.
You do not aim, you do not learn, you cannot improve yourself infinitely to be the best, or outclass other players.
And the worst;
Is that you cannot achieve the satisfaction of a quest for improvement/inspection/analysis of yourself.
In order to perfectly master an Art, seeking self perfection over the top.

As you can see in other games for example, more.. hmm lets say.. competitive.

Since you cannot do this, you cannot "beat" fighters in Pvp either.
You cannot reach a high threshold through effort and talent, since everyone is equal.
( and that, no matter how many masters you get or how many natural talents/training you do have )

So you will lose 2v1, 3v1 or 4v1 situation, because there is no skill, neither in survival, nor in mastery.
The game is based on an extra number of players to win, and piped dice rolls (RNG/bug).

Basicaly the game restrict yourself.

And that's Ryzom problem, and even in Pve situation.
You finish your game by grinding all your levels for nothing, just for the grind.
Because the game doesn't give you rewards or a goal to be multi-master (and it's even more obvious in Pvp).

But, let us bring the subject back to its source there;

Being able to alter some powerups (aura) when you are under active Pvp flag is a good idea.
And can lead to a lot of gameplay exploitation, interesting strategies, calculations and prediction in combat.


Drawing a line between the Pve and the Pvp, is not a bad idea at all.
It could even allow the excellent combat system, and the game's mechanisms to be fully exploited and focused.
Competitive, and catchy for players.

And please don't tell me that drawing a line between the pve and the Pvp is gonna divide/split the community eh..
since the community is already divided on this subject.
There is no point in coming here to debate this, so let us not take this route.

Whether you like it or not, some players like to kill Kinchers and dig choice all days long yes.
But another part of the community likes to fight each others;
For fun, role-playing and interaction, or simply because... it's a video game.

We create powerful items, whether armor or weapons, it's to use them.
The Pvp fully exploits this use, in its entirety, you live the game as it was designed for.
Or at the least, improved/imagined.
But that remains my opinion, this is my vision of the game and the Pvp.

Clearly its sad to see that Ryzom main line of development do not focus at all in this direction.
Because by forgetting the Pvp part of Ryzom, you forget its strength, the core(mechanism?) of the system,
wich makes it interesting to play.

So is it intentional? Or an oversight? .. who's know.

In the end, we have a rather... static and boring game, for the masterpiece that is Ryzom... how ironic ?


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