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Ability to self-Cancel Invulnerabilty

Dear all,

I am pretty sure most of you who pvp or participate in op wars (mostly), but also in PvE situations, have found yourselves wishing that there was a way to cancel your invulnerability skill; be it to heal someone; kick something's/someone's butt/ or getting that last dig action in;p.

I know I have been annoyed plenty of times by the restrictions that invu provides; and have been wishing there was a way to cancel it.

My idea is very simple: Allow us to right click or shift-click or whatever works; on the invulnerability icon on our status bar. That way the action is cancelled.

I know this is a niche idea probably; but I think it will add something to the game; a different(albeit limited) way to play around/with Invulnerability either in PvP or PvE content:)

Let's make this a reality; provided the community agrees!

(Also I am not sure if it's something hard to implement, but I profess ignorance on such issues; if it's not however; I don't see why, if the community agrees, we shouldn't have this implementation).

Your Star.


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