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KipeeCraft needs volunteers / testers to add postcraft formulas

When I am standing on my dig spots of late with the goal of actually digging, I have instead been going back into the spreadsheets which serve as the basis for the Craft Ranges Tool and converting all the formulae to text with the idea that these could be put into KC as Arc describes in the early posts.

Frankly, the SS is much easier as the 1st sheet has all the IG values for min and max. This data alone runs 61 columns by 75 rows and it's much easier throwing in a Cell No. on that sheet that writing out all the variables in text. Pulling them out and not getting something crossed for 30 crafts x 40 individual characteristics is mind scrambling.

For example most weaps formulae look like:

Min x (QL * BV) + (Max - Min) * (QL * BV) * Precraft % * RB


Min = Minimum Value
Max = Maximum Value (usually but not always twice Min Value)
BV = Base Value = This is a constant determined by trial and error
QL = Craft Quality Level
Precraft % = What Kipeecraft or Precraft window IG shows you
RB = Rubbarn Boost

BTW, Arc ... any chance of support for TRUNC aka Integer or round down function ?


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