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What low end graphics card can you recommend for Ryzom?

I have run Ryzom passably well on far more modest hardware, like a Pentium 4 with a Radeon 9600 Pro in it's AGP slot :D

Between those two, I would DEFINITELY use the R7 250. While the HD8570 is about equal to what Bittty runs, and thus more than good enough for Ryzom, I see no reason not to run the card that is 40-50% better since you already have it.

As for power consumption, that is going to be an issue with any AMD/Radeon card since AMD is not known for thermal efficiency. There's no getting around the fact that you will draw more power than Bittty's nVidia for the same performance, but it's easier to deal with that than it is to deal with bad drivers. For perspective, my GTX 1050Ti is listed at the same 75W maximum that the R7 250 is, while the GT 730 is about two-thirds that.

That said, the difference in wattage between those two cards is relatively small, and putting the same demands on a superior GPU will place it under a smaller percentage of load and thus reduce power consumption compared to the inferior one. Sure, the R7 can draw more power, but the only time it actually will is when you demand far, far more from it than the HD8570 could ever dream of providing.


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