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[ALL] Alkiane vous invite à ses 15 ans d'existence | Alkiane celebrates its ...

Dear Atysians,

Ryzom was not yet open to everyone but the game aroused a lot of envy from an ever-growing community of (future) players.

It is while searching in the archives of the Alkiane guild that we realized that its legend was born 15 years ago. Indeed, on July 8, 2003 appeared online the website which was going to host the first foundations of Alkiane. The guild was then called Alkharun. The founder of this legend was Lyassallanna Alar Kharunden, known as the player character Colere.

It was at the release of Ryzom, between September and October 2004, that Alkharun was replaced by Alkiane. Both in the game and on the internet with http://alkiane.net

A longevity that has not gone unnoticed by the players of the French server Aniro obviously.

Today I announce through this message that we'll celebrate Alkiane's 15th anniversary, on Atys, thanks to the help of the animation team and Ptitbill. Some little surprises are to be expected.

The members of Alkiane will meet you all, regardless of your cult, and nation, on Sunday, 8 July 2018 19:00:00 UTC (10 months ago) at the Big Greenhouse in Yrkanis.


Zagabranth Di Avalae
Noble du Royaume
Herën de l'Ordre Alkiane
RyzomWorld (pas à jour mais toujours consultable)
Le Lexique Mateis (en développement)
Alkiane Outils (AppIG & Site)
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