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Ryzom Forge Meeting agendas & reports - 2018

Ryzom Forge Meeting Report (April 23rd, 2018)

To follow the progress of ongoing projects, you can consult (out of game) the "Roadmap 2018" available there: https://app.ryzom.com

[In progress] Recent big lags on Atys

Announcement: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/28473/1

Our game server and several other Ryzom services (billing service, test server, forum, API...) encountered an access problem because of too many connections opened on the database between April 12 around 1:00 UTC (3:00 CEST) and April 13 around 17:45 UTC (19:45 CEST), preventing any new connection on these services.
The reason for this large number of connections has not yet been identified: attack, looping script, service bug? We are investigating but would need the issue to come back to know more. So nothing new for the moment.
All services are now restored. The Wheels of Fortune should be back after next reboot.

[In progress] Recent billing access issue

Announcement: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/28498/1

Since Tuesday 17 April, Ryzom's billing service (secure.ryzom.com) has encountered technical problems making it inaccessible intermittently and at times for several hours.
After discovering that the problem was not on our side, we have contacted our host, OVH, who has found that a RAID disk as well as the controller needed to be changed. However, this procedure requires a complete reinstallation of the billing system, which means a longer inaccessibility of the service.
Also, in order to penalize as little as possible those who need to access the billing service, we preferred to act in two steps:

--> 1 - Change the damaged RAID disk and then resynchronize both RAID disks. This has just been done, we are making sure everything is in order and hope that the server will be up and running quickly.

--> 2 - Change the controller. We expect to take this opportunity to migrate the billing service to a newer, more secure and efficient server.

Part 1 is done so billing service is back. Part 2 is still to be done.

[In test] WebIG Comm tool

Because of the lack of comm in real time" to inform you during the recent two big issues (lags and billing), Ulukyn (Dev) is working on a new tool to make comm a lot easier and to reach the max of players. It's in test on Yubo.

Here is a (FR) screen of how it look few days ago: https://chat.ryzom.com/file-upload/oqsdxEixjfL2kK2zz/Clipboard%20 -%2022%20avril%202018%2021:16  (or http://urlz.fr/6Xir)

First windows if for the main news.
Second window is the one to comm “in real time”: the infos written in Rocket #pub-announcements channel are automatically written in this WebIG window + is seen as ingame broadcast. We can use tag languages if we want.

-If a player is on Rocket : he sees in real time the "urgent news/info" on #pub-announcements
-If the player is online, he sees it in real time to, via the broadcast.
-If the player logs later, he sees the news in the automatically spawned WebIG window when he arrives ingame.

Important: we talk about "instant comm", so "urgent comm", it does not need to be translated/proofread before to be posted, like official announcements on the forum.
Their goal is to inform you, the players, as quickly as possible. So do not be worried if it’s not translated, or automatically translated.

Last, the WebIG Comm Tool will also have an app for Event Team. Goal: inform the players about the ongoing event, how/where to join it, etc.

An official announcement will be published about this tool when it will be added on Atys.

[Fixed and improved] Ranger rite

For Player with a slow connection, the dev added 2 new modules to active/select in Map options:
--> Text mode: Display all entries and paths as a text, so no map will be loaded/displayed.
--> Static map: If a player has discovered all entries and all paths, the map will only load 1 time a static image that will never change.

Improvement: record in database when a player finishes Ranger Rite.

Fix: see in Admin Tools if a player has already finished the rite or if it’s the first time.

Improvement: Remove the check from map if the player is already into the Ranger Faction (sometimes the server is too much slow and so the map reads a false value and displays an error).

[Added] Ranger Faction on forum and API

All is in the title!

[Added] ARK improvements

Improvement of the spawn script code to spawn the events after reboot. We should have a bit less lags while spawn is running.

Improvement of the PlayerExeScript code (near the same as Point 1) that we use in Ranger Rite. We should have a bit less lags while spawn is running.

[Added] Rocket Chat update

Rocket Chat has been updated to last version.

[Fixed] Hide Costum Text by API if the text start with @WEB or @LUA

All is in the title.

[In test] Increase of password and account lenght

Expand the account name size by login input (from 12 to 20 chars and account password from 20 to 60 chars).

Still to do: check and make a limitation into chars the players are allowed to use in account password (like “@” “%”…)

[In test] Fix a bug in patch system

[In test - Added during next patch] Fix: Server read again the right AI Data

Fix: Server will read again the right AI Data (All running events (included the camp!) and bosses should be back to normal after next reboot).

[In test] For German Players: Fix the Text and Size of the First Univers Warning.

[In test] Fix an issue adding an empty chat option when an item respawn on Atys.

If we spawn an event object (like Easter eggs) and this object respawns, there is no empty URL linked anymore. (When clicking on Easter eggs, players saw an empty chat option, that opened a Web window with a bad url as error.)


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