Technical problems with Ryzom's billing service

After 5/02 patch cud not get in game.... I spent over 3 hours on phone w/ credit card company and this is at least the 3rd time this has happened. In the last incidence the CSR at VISA spent a ton of time looking into possible reasons ... she even went back and looked at the last three new cards I was sent and came up with an interesting idea.

She wondered if perhaps, when one activates a new card ... the new expiration date jumps by a couple of years. Now if ya using auto pay feature, this is like 14 years of transactions. Now I know from past experience, and discussion w/ CC company at least w/ AMEX, they ignore the expiration thing if its a pre-existing auto pay.

What this gal thought might be happening is that the CC processing company may be submitting the payment and the process sees that the original exp date has passed. So it's never getting to VISA because the cc processing company Bibit is flagging the card as expired.

However, this doesn't line up because the "Rejected" message is coming like 18 months or more after I got and activated a new card. But VISA is not rejecting it, they would continue to pay it... but it is getting rejected before it gets to them. If this is in fact what is happening, the cc processor should have a system whereby when the card is reaching the expiration date, they send out a request for the new date.


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