Ryzom Forge Public Meetings agendas & reports

Ryzom Forge Meeting Report (April 2nd, 2018)

To follow the progress of ongoing projects, you can consult (out of game) the "Roadmap 2018" available there:

ADDED ON ATYS: Ranger Rite

The Ranger Rite has been added ingame since March 23, 2018. The Faction Ranger finally officially exists!
The rite is taken on Silan and takes place on a “new” (unused) map of the game, representing a part of the Exodus Road.

ADDED ON ATYS: Ranger new map and pathways

The Ranger rite also provides access to the complete Ranger transport system (via tunnels, including in 250 zones). To do this you have to take a mission to the Ranger camp in Almati and then look for the tunnel entrances.

ADDED ON ATYS: Easter OOC events

The hunt for small eggs is opened since yesterday throughout Atys, it will end Sunday April 8. You may have noticed that the eggs that appeared on April 1st were... strange... because of April 1st!

Four giant egg hunts (one per nation) has just started, with one egg to be found per region. They will also last until Sunday 8 April inclusive. I’ll publish the announcement after Ryzom Forge Meeting.

ADDED ON ATYS: Thesos defence towers

The towers and their walls were added during the last patch! You don't see them yet because they will be introduced at a next fyros event.

READY TO BE ADDED: Ryzom’s New Code of Conduct

It is fully translated and ready for publication, which should be done soon.


IN TEST: “Pocket Worlds Creator” (closed bêta test)

Official announcement:
We are still looking for German and Spanish testers, as well as testers using Mac and Linux.

IN TEST: Marauder rite fix

It's still being tested (it was in break during Ranger Rite tests).
There are still adjustments to be made (Fairhaven's anti-marauders are conspiring to defeat future marauders!)


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