Technical problems with Ryzom's billing service

Dear players,

Since Tuesday 17 April, Ryzom's billing service ( has encountered technical problems making it inaccessible intermittently and at times for several hours.

After discovering that the problem was not on our side, we have contacted our host, OVH, who has found that a RAID disk as well as the controller needed to be changed. However, this procedure requires a complete reinstallation of the billing system, which means a longer inaccessibility of the service.

Also, in order to penalize as little as possible those who need to access the billing service, we preferred to act in two steps:

1 - Change the damaged RAID disk and then resynchronize both RAID disks. This has just been done, we are making sure everything is in order and hope that the server will be up and running quickly.

2 - Change the controller. We expect to take this opportunity to migrate the billing service to a newer, more secure and efficient server.

Moreover, we are aware that important information is not transmitted to you quickly enough, which is why we are thinking of setting up an information space directly integrated into the WebIG (ctrl+w from in game), which will give you news in real time on possible problems, events in progress etc.

We will keep you informed as soon as we have news and apologize for any inconvenience.

The Ryzom Team


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