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[OOC event for all] "Refugee Days" (April 1-8)

Thank you for the post, Ghost of Atys.

Please tell us more about the "race boards". Do you mean race as in Formula 1 or race as in Human race? How about a URL?

As it is, I obtained enough dappers from eggs, in the first day+, to buy a packer, an apartment, and then some. Now I will go back to Silan to finish my mission. To think that crusty old sour grape players were poo-pooing the easter egg hunting to noobs like me!

Thank you Ryzom, for your generosity with the eggs and for all the levels. Of course, the best XP seems to come when working as a team, with one person doing melee and the other doing the healing. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the loot is shared between team members automatically.

P.S. What's a Silan noob supposed to do with thousands of tokens when the merchant has nothing for sale?

P.P.S. How many times were players, besides myself, killed by nom_en or similar egg-like entities?


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