[MATIS / Kitins] Strange coincidence

Stevano picked up the letter that his secretary had just written under his dictation. He reread it then affixed the royal seal with a determined gesture.
Send this to Orphie Dradius immediately.

The secretary quickly walked away. The voice of the Royal Herald was already echoing in front of the Palace, calling upon the vassals and inhabitants of the Kingdom to fight the threat from the depths.
To Orphie Dradius,

I hope that the arrival of the Kitins of the Depths in the Kingdom has nothing to do with the tunnel that I have allowed you to consolidate in the Grove of Confusion. And so I expect you and your rangers to make every effort to ascertain this.
It goes without saying that all homins must fight against this threat and rangers can join in eradicating it. However I remind you that any measure against the tunnels has to receive my approval before any action. We have other means than termites.

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