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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

Defeat in the Wastelands

In the Wastelands, east of Saplake Major, a tryker centers himself on a hill with a depression at the top that lies among ruins of the distant past, not unlike the one in the Lands of Plenty within the Elusive Forest. With the Kitin Patrols far away for the moment, he writes.

"Quinteth, Germinally 5, 3rd AC 2597

Land of Continuity, Sunken City, and Forbidden Depths; it is these three regions that are a part of what is considered the deepest Prime Roots homin-kind is allowed to venture through, the Wastelands. It is here where the most dangerous predators lurk, the strongest herbivores live, and the most daring homins living in tribes or bandit camps. However, like all other regions, many ruins of outposts and workshops of the distant past dot the landscape and serve as a reminder of why we do not settle in the Prime Roots with the current state of homin-kind; why they tried with the tragedy of the Old Lands within recent memory is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps it was optimism that encouraged us to set up outposts in the Wastelands; a hope that we would guard against any new Kitin threat and hope we aren't followed. Maybe it was arrogance, and in that foolish pride they thought they could settle the Prime Roots like they had other regions. In the end, it did not matter, for the Prime Roots is the original home of the Kitin, and it shall remain that way.

So far, I have walked the Forbidden Depths, walked through the ruins and kept safe distance from Kitin Nest there, and I have also walked through Sunken City and its ruins. And while I have not personally walked the Land of Continuity, I know the locations of its ruins. Thus, I have taken a liking to the ruins formally known as 'Stockdell Workshop,' as it has a hill similar to the Lands of Plenty Research Center in the Elusive Forest. If you could linger here for a while, a homin of spiritual mind could find it a place to center oneself. However, the Kitin Threat is everlasting here, with many patrols wandering around the area, and the nest in the far south. It turns this... strangely tranquil place into an ominous area, and other places into certain death. A part of me wishes to drive them back, claim these places, but another knows that it would require a great amount of resources to deal with the potential consequences.

Perhaps it was inevitable for the Kitin to settle here, as the roots are their home, and doom any homin outposts still operating. I did notice an abandoned lookout tower next to the nest entrance, so maybe they did expect to leave, or for the kitin to drive them from the Prime Roots. If the Kitin swarmed from the nest, the outposts of Forbidden Depths surely would've been first to fall, then the outposts caught between regions would be engulfed. The wave would have continued onward, destroyed the Outposts in Sunken City, and the small outposts in the Land of Continuity closer to Midway Point. Finally, the wave would be at its thinnest when it finally reached Grotto Walk Research Center, and any homins remaining there might have been able to hold for a short time, but even they would meet an inevitable end.

Regardless of how and when these outposts were abandoned, perhaps it is for the better that we leave the Prime Roots alone until we can control the surface continents adequately. For now, my time runs thin and I can see the dark shapes of a Kitin Patrol in the distance."

The tryker finishes the final statement, quickly gathers his things, and pulls a peculiar crystal out. The crystal's light dims a bit as the small homin is transported away.


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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