Saga of Ryzom on Android

Hey Nuno,

I'm planning to release sources after I prepare some docs. 
I've prepared lots of bash scripts, that should make the building basically painless but I've tested it only on my machine so far :)

But there's some quirks... the code is messy plus I switched the repo from Mercurcial to Git as I'm more familiar with it and it was much easier and quicker
to work for me on that version control.

So far there's for example no data downloader. So what I needed to do is copying the Ryzom data files from PC to sdcard on Android, I also want to write something simple that would make this process automatic.

Then there's almost 200 commits with message "Updates" when I was moving forward right now. I will try to squash it soon.

I hope more people might get interested and we might work on it together.
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