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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

((2 months ago? It's been a while. I think it's a good time to resume))

Deeper Roots

Within the entrance tunnel to the bowels of Atys, a tryker rests and writes.

"Prima, Pluvia 13, 2nd AC 2597

It has been quite some time. The sight and sounds of the forest almost seem foregin to me, but they are not so easily forgotten. Such pleasantries are often observed first and foremost, and they please the mind and spirit to know there is much life around oneself. However, more easily lost but perhaps even more important to remember the dangers of the forest. The camoflauged cuttler that lie in the distance, the large torbak waiting to strike, and the Gibbai who have wandered far from the jungle, are all dangers to keep a memory of, as they are the less pleasant but more important memories to keep. Yes, it has been quite some time since I last walked upon the surface of Nexus Minor.

The air is damp; had I not known what desert air felt like I would describe it as dry when comparing it to the atmosphere of the Prime Roots. To some, this place could be considered part of the Prime Roots with the only paths in and out through the depths, and my views of the place are not so different. While the Flora and Fauna of the Nexus are different from the Prime Root, to me, it is another tunnel to walk; the ceiling an endless blue instead of black, for one example.

However, where I am going, it is necessary to ascend to the surface in order to dive even deeper than before, and I did not come here to express my musings of Nexus Minor. I want to see the ruins, the failings of the deepest roots we know of, and perhaps some new sights. Already I miss the silence and empty howling of the wind in the distance."

The tryker stops writing and gets up from his resting place, dusts himself off, stores his journal, and starts the decent from Nexus Minor into the Wastelands.


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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