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Intervention of an helmeted homin

Helmeted homin

The Dragon Quest is the manifestation of the Pillar of Truth. While this pillar may require us to depart from the dogmas of the Powers, at the risk of attracting their wrath, it is nonetheless essential to our culture. Let us be proud to be Fyros! Let us not be content with the false explanations of the Karavan or the Kamis, and let us pursue the quest, no matter what the sacrifices are!

The mystery of Leron's downfall must be solved. It is time for the secrets of the Empire's past to be unravelled!

Summoned to unveil his identity, the homin shows his face and it is Epus.
Epus is arrested by a guard. When leaving the room, he throws a last sentence:
If that is the price to pay for the Empire to take Truth up again,  I am ready for the ultimate sacrifice! And you, Euphanyx, would you be ready to do likewise?
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