[Nations & Neutrals] Academic Congress of Pyr

Chingi Te-Wuan Lecture

Chingi Te-Wuan
Kamia' ata! As Curator of the Jen-Laï Archives, I was brought to work on an amber cube about the history of the Great Dragon Cult.

Its author having been murdered by the cult in 2553, I started again from the works of the previous curator to restore the altered amber cube. It took time, but it was of importance to me to offer the Imperial Academy this work on the occasion of this Summit.

He hands Euphanyx Apotheps an amber cube.

Now, let's turn to the facts. What does this amber cube tell us?

The Great Dragon Cult is a sect that arose in the Desert of Ancient Lands in 2435, following the Fire of Coriolis. It almost disappeared a first time on the occasion of the First Great Swarming since the leaders of the cult did not flee it and all died praying to Fyrak, the Dragon, for him to spare them.

The fyrakists (followers of Fyrak) who had been able to reach the New Lands have then lived in Pyr before being banished from the Empire in 2504 by Dexton for having violently opposed conversions to the Ma-Duk Order. They were then welcomed in the Whitherings.

The division came between the fyrakist refugees of the Witherings in 2506 when Mabreka became Great Mask. The most fanatical went to Prime Roots. They would have took refuge in a town called Leron, which has since disappeared in a wildfire. It is in these depths that the Cult would have been re-founded by Aetis Mekops.

In the 2530s, ritual abductions and sacrifices took place all over the New Lands and were charged to the Grand Dragon Cult. Also, a small swarming plagued Pyr and some saw it as the work of the Cult.

Euphanyx Apotheps taught me that a book belonging to the Cult was discovered by the Empire: the Book of the Dragon. The author of the cube I restored suggests that this Book of the Dragon was written by Aetis Mekops himself.

Several times in History, it has been believed that the Great Dragon Cult has disappeared, but it has an unfortunate tendency to rise from its ashes. We must therefore assume that this sect still exists.

Euphanyx Apotheps
akep Chingi Te-Wuan. As for me, I would have a question: what happened to the Witherings' fyrakists?

Chingi Te-Wuan
The Fyrakist community of the Whiterings has now virtually disappeared. Some of them must have ended up converting to Kamism. It is known that others, such as the author of this book, have been victims of the Great Dragon Cult during the 2550s.

During my seventeen years of practice, I have not had any fyrakist assistant at the Jen-Laï Archives, unlike my predecessors. It is very likely that the past exactions of the Cult are responsible for the near-disappearance of moderate fyrakists...

Euphanyx Apotheps
I see. akep for these precisions.
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