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[Congress of Historians] Euphanyx Apotheps introduction

Euphanyx Apotheps
History has been at the heart of the works of the Imperial Academy since it was founded by sharükos Abylus the Learned.

For this congress I called upon eminent historians of the New Lands to intervene at my side. Chingi Te-Wuan, the Curator of Jen-Lai, and Salazar Caradini, the Royal Historian, do us the honor of representing their respective nations.
I chose the Dragon Quest as the theme for this conference.

As you know, the Great Dragon is a mythical creature mentioned in an ancient prophecy delivered by the Karavan to homins. Our people have always sought to unravel its mystery.
We are here to provide an inventory of this quest that has involved generations of Patriots until today.

For this purpose I ask you to give a warm welcome to Chingi Te-Wuan, the Curator of Jen-Laï, who will tell us about an infamous sect: the Great Dragon Cult.

She applauds Chingi Te-Wuan.
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