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Ryzom Forge Meeting Report (February 19th, 2018)

To follow the progress of ongoing projects, you can consult (out of game) the "Roadmap 2018" available there:

ADDED ON ATYS: Opening of Silan from Mainland

Let's start with the recent change on Atys: access to Silan from Mainland.

On our side everything went well. I would also like to thank the whole team that worked on this, including the Ryzom Forge testers.
Two pieces of information:
- The Apple Store will not update the client until March. So until then, Mac users wishing to return to Silan will have to update their client via the official Ryzom website (
- If you return to Silan without having done at least one welcomer mission AND without having at least one Mainland TP in your bag, you will be stuck there and will need to ask a Support member to help you. This will be fixed in about two weeks.

ADDED ON ATYS: [Marauder event] The Mysterious Four

Let's move on to the second addition on Atys: the temporary mission "The Mysterious Four", reserved for Marauders, which will end this weekend. This OOC mission is equivalent to that of the non-Marauders "Mr. Snow", which was not accessible to Marauders.

Info: Marauders who had not got their dappers reward because of a bug must use the 'mysterious pearl' again to get them.

IN TEST: Ranger Rite

Let's talk about the big project that is in final test: the addition of the Rite Ranger.

Everything is 95% ready, there are only a few translations and small adjustments to make. If everything goes as planned, the rite should be added in game within about two weeks.


IN TEST: Fix of Marauder Rite

The marauder rite currently ingame bugs a lot. That's why Ryzom Forge worked on its fix, which is in testing phase. There are only a few adjustments to make before to add it ingame.


READY TO BE TESTED: “Pocket Worlds Creator”

The closed beta of Pocket World Creator will start on February 28th. An official announcement will be published early this weekend.

A little bit of information while waiting for the announcement:
We call "Pocket Worlds Creator" the duo Scenographic Editor/Scnenario Editor. The PoWo Creator will allow you not only to decorate the island of your choice, but also to add creatures, NPCs, and even dialogues and missions.
The official announcement will give you much more details, and willexplain what to do if you want to participate in this closed beta.


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