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Let me know if you meet any NPC with name and title not being in database.

The spreadsheet file I sent you for the Bunny Fame Tool .... not part of IG Tools, (this was started in 2007 - 08 era and updated as we have found more NPCs) has all the known ones I believe.   All the ones added since BT 3.0 was released (about a dozen) are shown in blue text here.


Hm, I am not sure about the image, I have similar and we have all in + some more. Gaperila can tell you more, she works hard on NPC list.

I sent the spreadsheet to yur personal email adress as you had requested.
Yes, I know. Do you have those numbers? Or can you get it? :) I am currently busy with other things, but I plan to add this, maybe as part of future changes related to real marauder fame.

No I don't, but I can ask :)
List of broken missions would be also very useful :)

We have a bunch done and listed in private forum ... if ya's like to collaborate, contact me in game.
Fyrosfreddy reported wrong number of decimal places, that was caused by a function i use to manipulate with recounted fame value and db field length limit. It should be ok now.

Muchos Grassyass


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