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3-Atysmas events: feedbacks

Q: Have you liked Atysmas events (Music event, Mega boss, Mr Snow)?

Music event
A: As for me, I would like to be able to share the music sheets with several peoples at once, so that they can all "listen" to me at the same time. Currently, I can only share it with 3 peoples. And I have to copy it by hand first.

A: The music sheets is in very early stage and what you have seen was the very first real test (beside of bug fixes on test server)

Mr. Snow
A: I really liked Mr. Snow.

Mega Boss
A: Megaboss was too long. The rewards were nice. But spending a three-hour night fitghting or healing is too much for me.

A: The Mega Boss has been designed with feedback from Anlor Ween's Valcorenoch in mind. The next one will be corrected to adapt to the number of players taking part. I would like to thank TeanWeen (new Level-Design member and Ark scriptwriter) for taking over my holidays.


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