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2-Roadmap 2018

I’m currently working on Ryzom’s roadmap for 2018. It should be published in several days.
I'll tell you about it after its publication, but here's an overview of it:

In test: Ranger rite, fix of marauder rite, Opening of Silan from Mainland, add new item stats overload (that permits to easily modify item stats before to release it.).

Work in progress: Ark Editor (to create Pocket Worlds), opening of Silan from Mainland, Thesos new defence towers, OOC marauder quest, Kitin dynamic invasions, Purple Gubani events, Marauder gameplay fix & improvement.

Waiting: light matis marauder boss, goo boss, random reward system (wheel of fortune), sell reward system (with Atys Points won in events), new rewards, addition of missions written by Ryzom Forge.

Done (already!): add new resistance overload (it’s now possible to modify the resistances of a mob using an Ark script, without modifying its primitives. That means we’ll be able to spawn stronger mobs/NPCs in events, withouts ading them millions od HPs.)


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