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Bunny Tools 3.0x / 3.1x

Bunny Tools 3.10 has been released

Since it's inception some 10-12 years ago, the Craft Ranges Tool has been among the most popular.  It first came into existence as a crude Spread Sheet based tool based upon formulae published in Patch Notes and supplemented by user testings.  These where updated over time based upon subsequent patch notes and / or changes that were posted in forums or picked up by various individuals.

Around 2010 - 2011 it was distributed when requested as an XLS file.  Around 2015 - 2016, a JPG image was placed on the forums and, if interested, the links can be seen above in Post # 24.  At that time the formulae were checked against the in game code base and fined tuned accordingly.  Rounding errors are usually within +/- 1.

As of today (2018-02-03), thanks to a generous gift of time to do the WebIG programming, a "Crafting Ranges Module" has been added to Bunny Tools. The Spreadsheet version has also been updated and will be available shortly.  This is set up with a sheet fo all of the in Game variable, so that if thise variables chnage, making that adjustment will automatically update the tables.  If you wish a copy of the SS file for your usage, please send FF an IG mail with an appropriate out-of-game e-mail address.  This is being updated over the next few weeks but current state will be in the next post.

To access the module Open BT and select "Crafting Ranges" from the masthead on the left hand side.

1. The first drop down provides access to the individual craft class categories.

2. For the second, type in the craft level (10 - 250)

3. If you have completed the Fyros Story 2 Durability Rite, check the box for the Durability Bonus.

4. If you are using a Rubbarn Tool and want to see what results the Rubbarn Boost will provide, check the box for the Rubbarn Boost.

5. Select the Grade of the Craft whether Basic, Medium or High Quality from the Drop Down.  For some reason, this makes no difference for Ranged Crafting.

6. If you would like to see the possible craft range results with 0 % to 100 % Pre-Craft, check the Min. / Max. Box.

7. Hit the CALCULATE Button and type in the Pre-Craft % for each Charcteristic in the next window.

1.  The top number in each row is the result you will get with the associated pre-Craft % at left.  So for "Damage" on a 2H Axe, you are looking at 729 with rubbarn boost.

2.  Uncheck the "Rubbarn Boost" box and you see that the range w/o Rubbarn is 331 - 662.

3.  Note that these numbers do not include any modfiers such as Hit Rate, Increase Damage, etc.

4. If ya don't wanna see the range of possible results, just what that Pre-Craft % will deliver for your craft, you can unchek the Min. / Max. box for a cleaner screen.  Because of the way the game rounds or sometimes drops decimals. not all results are exact.

5. Note that for daggers, the max possible result for speed is 66 hpm and this is what will show in the craft windows. There is however an "unseen cap" of 60 hpm so for damage purposes, the actual max speed in game = 60 hpm.

Anticipate working with Arcueid to get these results imported into Kipee Craft.

NOTE: Please put comments, suggestions, bugs ideas etc. in this thread

Bunny Tools 3.0 - Bugs, Ideas, Feature Requests, Comments


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