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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

Contrast & Betrayal

While sitting along the western wall in the Gate of Obscurity, a tryker rolls a peculiar crystal around in his hand; his familiar journal lay open on the ground on the most recent entry.

"Dua, Nivia 20, 3rd AC 2596

It is a quiet thing to fall, ever so quickly, but that is in the eye of the beholder. But it is not a fall to evil, as others would describe it, but rather the fall of the chains that anchor my point of view from the Kami. In truth, I lacked perspective of the other side, as I could only see what everyone else saw; their ferocity in battle and hatred for the powers and nations, anarchist murderers. But something felt missing, a lack of understanding, so I sought them out, and decided to see the world through their eyes. This act became a betrayal of the self, my previous world view, and a betrayal of those I call friends, all for the pursuit of insight; I can only hope for their understanding. For now, I walk into darker shadows, and take on a path of exile from all societies, to walk with the Marauders.

But that is not my only reason. I cannot fathom anyone would radically change sides for the pursuit of comprehension. There is a steep power inbalance, and I have grown discontent with the lack of growth; the Kami becoming a stagnant thing. To hold such power and do nothing with it, not even challenging each other's views within the faction, or finding an area on which to improve, is something I find abhorrant. I am not content to sit around while I hold some degree of power, and while my chosen goal of teaching and challenging common belief remains, I will do it from a distinct disposition."

The tryker stops rolling the crystal around, and gathers his journal up. He looks at the remaining kami teleport pacts in his bag, and destroys all of them. The crystal then glows a little fainter as he transports to somewhere else on Atys.


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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