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Rift Walkers

Rift Walkers is still alive, we now have players from around the world. We have multiple groups playing at different time zones!

Fell free to send a tell or in game mail to any of the below if you have any questions about Rift Walkers and/or if you are interested in joining.

Update on our personell.

Guild Leader: Zauza
High Officers: Arturia, Defiant, Gidget, Jacp, Jodestar, Juscristo, Lordbecker, Mahz, Robplus, Siela, Tibest and Trinityelf.

In addition to the above we have our officers: Cottonmouth, Gabster, Gadget, Horra, Islandgirl, Kronstadt, Lessah and Papablue.

Some of the things we do these days: Boss hunting, NPC boss hunting, team leveling, PVP and digging together.

High Officer of Rift Walkers (EU Time)
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