[Rangers] Report to Wuaoi Yai-Zhio concerning the Goo

Dear Wuaoi and Rangers of Atys

Around 15-16 Prima, Floris 13, 2nd AC 2596, Lemra and I went to the Masters of the Goo camp to talk to Bo-Qung Fao.

The first thing we noticed was that the Goo has moved back a bit from the Masters of the Goo camp. They seem to be less aggressive and less on the verge to kill us, maybe they are trying to reduce the attention towards them, but they could also just be afraid of the development of the goo as well.

Although, we still felt uneasy. It was difficult to assess if we could trust them or not. The goo has reduced in the camp but it is still way too strong in the area, and they still feel secure in their strength.

Surprisingly, they say they want to collaborate, also want us to continue checking and share information with them.

We are relying on you to make good use of this report.

Karagoz Ak Lix & Lemra Ma Xue
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