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Welcome :)

1. This is all up to you, the game style that fits you, there is no good way. Anyway, for training, you would like to have jewels with best protection against the element used by your target and probably some hp/stamina bonuses - or - a friend healer, which might not be hard to find :)

Equipment parameters is a bit more complex topic and you will become familiar with it with the time. There are some good posts around, but never ask me where, I am usually unable to find anything :/

2. To start ranger training your fame has to be > 0 to High Powers and (something around) +20 to Civilizations. Anyway, your target is +45 to HP/Civ for the upcomming ranger rite. Tribe fame is not involved, but as ranger, I would expect you to work on all fames to get as best as possible.

As the ranger you remain faction and civilization neutral. Titles are based on ranger missions done and your current fame. That means you have to have a specific fame or better to wear a specific title.

3. You sohuld ask Marauders and lore team [0] :) There are some upcomming changes to make Marauder faction more complex. And they say its faction for advanced, but I am sure any mara guild will love to "eat" you :P


4. With communication it might be difficult. There is a german community and you will have no major problems with that, more or less :). In meaning it will not be a problem to find german speaking friends. But you will have to communicate with random homins outside.... For everyday use some use google translator [0], there is also DeepL [1]. Would help you if you can speak a bit french or english.


I have a list of places / tribe names / titles where you can see translations to other languages (or search) in LangApp [0], that might help you to find a name in language you need.

[0] #6

There are also native Atys languages but you better ask some linguists than me. I can only allow you to browse "ruins" of blablatys database in LangApp. Especially Mateis translations are outdated.
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