[MA / MR / FY] Un rappel pour des informations qui courent

[ Zagh's message translation ]

Staying up-to-date is one of the most difficult goals when diplomatics and personals relation are sensitive. You need to be tricky in order to maintain the informations flux from an territory where the peace is fragile.

Ser Zagabranth has cared to buy, before relationships between him and the Empire tarnish, desert mektoubs. Strong and forbearing to the arid conditions, they are excellent transporter in trailer which goes to the arid land.

Informations came to him by this way. Known as a noble passer-by spending an abnormal time at stables, he was sending small trailers carrying water to one contact to the Empire. Water is one of the most precious thing in this territory, its value is bigger than dappers and easier to get for Ser Zagabranth and to give to obtain regular news.

When his last trailer came back, as usual, he opened the jar marked with a circle, took the note containing the last news from the Empire and start to read it immediately. He hasn't finish yet his reading that he was already annoyed by what he was reading, so much so going immediately to the Order buildings and start writing to the Karan and Emperor Lykos.
"To Lykos, Fyros Emperor, legit governor for the Fyros territory"
Greetings Emperor Lykos.

Before everything else I will present myself. I am the Ser Zagabranth, noble of his kingdom since of our Karan Yrkanis. I am allowing myself, because of my position, to get your attention.
By this note I inform you of my dismay about an very worrying news from your Empire. I just learned your intention, with your patriots, to have an military walk into the Matis territory without averting the Kingdom.

I know the why, your target, and I can understand your project after what happened in Thesos. However I have to remind you about the peace treaty between the Kingdom and the Empire, wether this peace is fragile between our states. An military walk into our territory, even if it's not against the Kingdom will be seen as a violation of this treaty and an violation of the Matis land by the Fyros.

Know that, for transparency, I already sent a note to the royal court to be sure that they know your intentions.

Finally, I am calling your common sense and ask you to send an diplomatic emissary in gage of mutual respect so that your project will not been seen as an aggression from the Empire to the Kingdom. Having suffered of an attack on one of your city doesn't justify the overriding of your rights outside of your territory.

Waiting for an answer from the Empire.

The Ser Zagabranth sent this note to the Empire by Izam. An similar letter has been sent to the Karan Stevano to warn him about the situation.
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