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[Fyros] Pyr, the Empire’s Head

Review of the investigation into the murder of Abycus Zekops and the death of Thulam Cekaps, during the akenak assembly, Tria, Winderly 3, 1st AC 2596

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  • Eeri recalls that Lopyrech died poisonous and wonders if there could have a link with the current affair.
  • Naveruss and Azazor noticed that Thulam Cekaps was dead before Abycus Zekops. Both came to the conclusion that Thulam Cekaps could not have killed Abycus Zekops.
  • Azazor and Eeri find that Xalis Perimenix was a little too quick to accuse Thulam Cekaps and to ignore what could have exonerated him.
  • Lykos confirms and adds that Thulam Cekaps did not die where he has been found.
  • Azazor says that Lydix spoke about a wagon. Eeri searched but never found  it. Azazor wonders if this wagon could not have been used to transport the corpse of Thulam Cekaps. Lykos agrees that this trail should not be neglected. Naveruss adds that the wagon came from the Forest, according to Lydix.
  • Mermaidia would like to resume all these elements on another day to continue the planned interrogations. She reiterates that she would prefer to continue the investigation in a closed-door session. Lykos agrees.


Report of the closed-door session
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