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[Fyros] Pyr, the Empire’s Head

As requested by Emperor Lykos, the new Imperial Councillor Graphybus Ceros wrote a report on the current investigation and had it published:

Death of Abycus Zekops - Case Summary dated 20h - Holeth, Fallenor 12, 4th AC 2595

Facts about Abycus Zekops

Functions: celiakos and Imperial adviser of sharükos. Former celiakos of Thesos.
Political enemies: one of the main detractors of Atreus and its supporters.
Privacy: Lover of Dios Apotheps and father of Lyandra Apotheps
Age at death: 124 years old.
Place of death: in his office at the Imperial Palace. 
Date of death: Frutor 21 evening, 2nd AC 2593.
Cause of death: broken neck likely due to a fall during an altercation (disordered office).

Alleged murderer
: Thulam Cekaps.
Possible motives for the crime: On the basis of Thulam's letter to Dios, and the evidence found in ThulamCekaps (half-burnt letter), the fall and death of Abycus Zekops would have been involuntary. An altercation occurred between Thulam and Abycus, who refused to believe that the former had found his daughter Lyandra at the request of Dios Apotheps.If one considers the list of alleged trytonists apparently written by Abycus Zekops and found in approximately the same place as Thulam's sword, he could have attacked Abycus Zekops when he learned that Xinna was being watched and could be accused of trytonism, possibly prosecuted by the Kuilde. Abycus is said to have accidentally died in his fall.

Facts about Thulam Cekaps

: Former lieutenant of the Burned Faces. sharükos Lykos withdrew his title after the Atreus case.
Political life: partisan of Atreus, it has often served as a link between Atreus and its supporters.
Secret activity: Hired secretly by Dios Apotheps to find his daughter Lyandra Apotheps, kidnapped in 2551.
Place of death: Unknown.
Date of death: Approximately Frutor 18,2nd AC 2593.

He wrote a letter to his sister Xinna Cekaps before burning it. The imperial authorities were able to recover the unburned part:" Little sister, I was not there for you recently but this will be over soon. I'm going to meet Abycus Zekops tonight. I owe him the truth..."
He left a letter for Dios Apotheps, accusing himself of the accidental death of Abycus Zekops: he had gone to his office to tell him the truth, but Abycus did not believe him and assaulted him. He pushed him to defend himself, but Abycus took a bad fall and died. He also says he has found Lyandra, who is a prisoner of the Renegades, and is asking for reinforcements to go and rescue her. Without the rapid arrival of these reinforcements, he will go to deliver her alone, then go to Justice.
He probably stole one of Abycus Zekops’ working papers, listing supposed trytonists, including his sister Xinna Cekaps. The document was found by a Frahar Hunters’ patrol boat, flying upwind near where Thulam Cekaps was found dead. His sword was also found in the sawdust not far from where he died.

Summary of the hearings

Dios Apotheps

celiakos without religion.
Lover of Abycus Zekops and mother of their daughter, Lyandra Apotheps.
Sister of Euphanyx Apotheps.
Hired Thulam Cekaps to look for her daughter Lyandra Apotheps. He passed onhis reports to her in a secret place.
Last message from Thulam: he accuses himself of Abycus' accidental death and asks for reinforcements to rescue Lyandra, otherwise he will go alone to the Renegades.
Feels responsible for Abycus' death because of his lie.

Graphybus Ceros

celiakos and Imperial AdvisorFriend of Abycus Zekops
Named the main enemies of Abycus Zekops: Euracus Cethus, Thulam Cekaps,"a celiakos who left the Empire" (Mephyros Xytis)

Euracus Cethus
Ancient celiakos. Lykos withdrew his title after the Atreus case.
Probably trytonist. Got arrested by the Karavan.
Defends the integrity of Thulam Cekaps.

Icandix Plecaon
(doctor of Lykos, having autopsied the bodies of Thulam Cekaps and Abycus Zekops:
Abycus Zekops:
Date of death: Frutor 21 evening, 2nd CA 2593. 
Crime weapon: unknown. Assumptions: broken neck. No trace of toxin, no external injuries other than what we might expect after a fall, no suspicious traces.
Thulam Cekaps:
Date of death: prior to Fructor 20,2nd CA 2593 (absence of rigor mortis), therefore prior to the death of Abycus which took place on the evening of Frutor 21,2nd CA 2593. 
Place of death: Findings made at the time of discovery of the body (no traces of blood on the ground) suggest that he did not die there. Findings not confirmed by the doctor who was not present. 
Physician's observations: Various impacts of thrown and melee weapons. Presence of blood in Thulam's eyes, nose, ears and mouth, as if he had bled profusely from these openings at the time of death. One of the eyes is swollen as if it had received a very violent blow.
Crime weapon: thrown and melee weapons compatible with those used by the Renegades.

Pephosse Aerus

Former secretary of Abycus Zekops, until he resigned as celiakos of Thesos.
Born in 2485.
Imperial officer of Thesos. Assistant to Ibiphan Dynix.
To a grandson, Melossen Aerus, who aspires to become Celiakos.
Mention the officials who were interviewed by Xalis Perimenix in his presence during the first days of the investigation, including three of them:
-Xinna Cekaps, an official of Pyr.
-Krinn Xagrian a retired civil servant from Pyr, deaf and losing his sanity.
-Zemodon Peton, a servant of the palace, whom she knew by sight because he had previously worked in Thesos, having asked for his transfer to the palace shortly after Abycus was appointed Councillor and returned to Pyr.
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