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Poems from the Soul

On a roll tonight.
Thank you so much, all my inspiratitions, my family.

Oh, my friend,
How happy I am
That you are
Sad and, not sad.

You may not remember
But when we met,
I was concerned for you
Were you okay? My heart bled.

And you told me,
You were happy.
Truly I was confused
But I was glad too.

Always at the ready,
Should anyone need you,
You are there,
Able and Willing and Loving.

Not a question from your lips,
You provide, with no return
With no benefit, with no..
Thank you on behalf of everyone.

Sweet and Dangerous,
But always Strong
You'd be blushing about now,
Be Proud.

All these things,
They do not exlude
Each other, no.
You are all these things, and more.

Should you need a hand,
You shall always have one.
Thank you for your company,
For your sincerity, For you.


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